Review: Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream SPF15

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream SPF15

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream SPF15

I bought the Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream as I wanted an eye cream which had an SPF in it but I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  I tried some well-known brands and although they had eye creams, they were missing the SPF.

I ended up buying this one as not only did it have SPF15, I was already using the day and night creams in the range.

It is a light cream and does the trick in making my eye area feel moisturised all day. It even has a slight pearlescent sheen to reflect light to make my eyes look brighter. For a cream that’s so cheap I think that’s a nice added extra. At the time I wasn’t really concerned with dark circles, puffiness and lines – I simply wanted a moisturiser for my eyes which would also offer some protection from the sun.

I wore this on my winter sun holiday and it worked in keeping my eyes hydrated.  I would definitely buy this again.


My Eye Cream Journey

Eye Cream

Eye Cream

My first experience with a dedicated eye cream was when I received a sample of Clinique All About Eyes as part of a free gift. Before then, I either used my face moisturiser or didn’t bother to moisturise my eye area at all.  Even now when I’m in a rush I don’t apply eye cream!

I have to say, I quite liked the All About Eyes. Face cream is far too heavy for the delicate eye skin and this little pot was great. Being a not-really-an-eye-cream-person, when the pot ran out I could not bring myself to buy anymore!

When I got over that phase I tried Lancome Hydrazen Neurocalm Eye. This is my favourite eye cream! It is a light soothing moisturising gel like cream.  Much as I could feel the benefits of this cream, I decided I needed to try something cheaper.

So, off to the Body Shop I went. I have tried three eye products from the Body Shop. I tried the Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel which was soothing for a while but not moisturising enough for me.  I also wasn’t a fan of the gel texture – I prefer a cream.  I then tried the Aloe Eye Defence which is a soothing gel cream. It was good for the price but again I wanted just a little bit more moisture. I have dry skin rather than sensitive skin so that’s my fault for choosing the wrong product. Finally I tried the Vitamin E Eye Cream and this is the one for me. Light, creamy and moisturising – it’s great. I just wish it had an SPF in it!

So, continuing my mission to find cheaper products that do the job, I tried the Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream.  This was not as thick as the Body Shop Vitamin E Cream but it does come with the SPF15 and has a light reflective formula. My ideal non-luxury eye cream would be a combination of the Body Shop and Boots vitamin E creams.

I have now decided to try the No7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream and I’ll review it soon.


Review: Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil is my winter must have!

My cheeks get incredibly dry in winter so I use this all over my face (avoiding the eye area) before applying my day cream. If I did not have this oil, I would have to use night cream in the day.

It has a difficult to describe scent – it smells healthy! The scent is not too strong and I can’t smell it once it’s sunk in.

It’s not greasy – it is easily absorbed and leaves a very slight sheen behind with a nice glow!

It does a good job of soothing my skin and keeping it moisturised, nourished and protected from the harsh winter weather.


Glowwbox Review: Lavera Wild Rose and Macadamia Nut 24 Hour Hydrating Face Cream

 Lavera Wild Rose and Macadamia Nut 24 Hour Hydrating Face Cream

Lavera Wild Rose and Macadamia Nut 24 Hour Hydrating Face Cream

I received three sample sachets of the Lavera Wild Rose and Macadamia Nut 24 Hour Hydrating Face Cream in my October Glowwbox.

I usually stay away from scented products just in case they react with my skin so the first thing that struck me here was the scent.  It smells like rose Turkish delight, with a hint of something else which I can’t place. I love Turkish delight so it did make me feel a bit hungry!

I really enjoyed smoothing this on to my skin.  It has a luxurious texture which is quickly and easily absorbed.  It’s not too thick and also not too thin.  I guess it can be described as a thick  lotion.

Even though it is not the thickest cream I have tried, it is very hydrating. I was sceptical that a cream that is squeezable, rather than from a pot, and one that sinks in so easily could keep my dry skin moisturised.  Well it certainly did the job! My skin felt soft and smooth and hydrated without feeling weighed down, greasy or clogged.

A cream that feels like a dream to wear and smells like Turkish delight is definitely a winner in my book!



My Face Cream Journey

A few skincare bits and bobs

A few skincare bits and bobs

There was a time when I didn’t bother to moisturise my face. Yes, it’s true! I then received wise words that  moisturiser is a must – it doesn’t have to be expensive, just moisturise every day. So I did.

The first premium moisturiser I tried was a free sample of Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm day cream. This stuff is great – it literally relaxed my skin, like a stress reliever and left my face feeling lovely and soft.  Much as I loved this, I could not face paying the full price!

I have tried the Aloe Soothing Day Cream and Aloe Soothing Night Cream from the Body Shop,  but these weren’t moisturising enough for my dry skin. Having said that this range is for sensitive skin, not dry skin!

I also tried the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30 in the summer as it had SPF and smelt great. This is aimed at dull skin and  at the time a still had a youthful glow so didn’t buy it again.

My favourite moisturiser from the Body Shop was the Vitamin E Intense Moisture cream. Perfect for winter and pretty good for summer. It is quite thick but is great for my dry skin.  The Vitamin E (day) Cream is nice and light for summer but is too light for winter.  The Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream is great for summer and winter. I ended up wearing this in the day as the day cream didn’t provide enough protection from the elements.  I even tried the Vitamin E Moisture Serum but the winner for me is definite the Intense Moisture Cream.

In my never ending quest to find a good moisturiser for a good price I tried the Boots Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream and  Boots Vitamin E Moisture Night Cream on the recommendation from a friend. Reviews to follow!

For Christmas I received a gift set containing Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Dry Skin and Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Normal/Dry Skin. Again, reviews to follow!

I am currently using No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream and No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream.  Reviews to follow!