Garnier Soft Essentials 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream Vs Garnier Moisture Match Day Cream

Garnier Soft Essentials 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream Vs Garnier Moisture Match Day Cream

Garnier Soft Essentials 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream Vs Garnier Moisture Match Day Cream

Garnier Moisture Match for Dry to Very Dry Skin
I picked up this tube of cream for dry to very dry skin as I was hoping the “Moisture Match” part would adjust to suit my skin. My cheeks are the driest part of my face followed by my forehead and my nose is oily. This didn’t quite happen. My skin was definitely moisturised but it looked greasy, especially my nose. I would always have to blot my face while using this. I guess the cream is just a little too thick.

The name has now been changed to Moisture + Nourish (Moisture plus Nourish) which I think is better. We can manually “match” the cream to our skin rather than hoping the cream will match itself! Based on the new names, I would try Moisture + Soft (the blue one) for normal to dry skin as I like the sound of soft skin. My skin doesn’t necessarily need nourishing (pink), radiance (orange) or matifying (green) and the Moisture + Protect (yellow) might not be thick enough for my dry skin.

Garnier Soft Essentials 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream
These long names are a nightmare for blogging! Anyway, I picked this up because I wanted to try a different Garnier moisturiser in the hope it would be more compatible with my skin. This pink pot is for dry and sensitive skin.

Sometimes I find that the “essential” creams are better for my skin even though they are cheaper than other creams. Maybe my skin prefers the simple life.

I’m not sure about the 24 hour bit but this cream definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised all day. It copes well with my dry cheeks even though it is quite light, and it doesn’t make my nose too oily. I think gel-creams are a winner for my skin. It sinks in nicely and is refreshing – I guess that’s the rose water.

The rose scent is very delicate and actually quite pleasant, considering I usually prefer unscented products for my face.

And the winner is…
Garnier Soft Essentials 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream. It provides the right amount of moisture without being greasy. It’s also a little cheaper. It is a clear winner for me!


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream is a gel-crème moisturiser. It is light and refreshing and perfectly blends into my dry skin. It has the tiniest hint of fragrance and although I don’t like fragranced face products, there is something special about this fragrance.

Unfortunately this formula does not provide enough moisturisation for my dry skin which is a shame because I like using it. I have to use two layers of the cream, or layer it with the serum and most mornings I just don’t have the time. Perhaps I need to go for the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream. That’s going on the wishlist now!

Givenchy Mother’s Day Gifts

Givenchy Skincare

Givenchy Skincare

Well I was certainly spoiled this Mother’s Day!

After managing to accidently recycle my sample of the Givenchy One-minute Glow Powder from my British Beauty Blogger Givenchy beauty box before I got to use it (I was very upset), my baby son treated me to these Givenchy goodies for Mother’s Day:

  • Hydra Sparkling One-minute Glow Powder
  • Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream

With samples of:

  • Hydra Sparkling High Moisturizing Sap-Serum
  • Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow
  • Very Irresistible Eau de Toilette

I am a very happy mummy!


Review: Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15 & Hydrating Night Cream

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15 & Hydrating Night Cream

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15 & Hydrating Night Cream

I will start by saying that I think the Botanics Hydrating Creams are really good – I was definitely pleasantly surprised!   The packaging says they contain “brightening hibiscus” and I have to say, my skin did look a little brighter. Maybe it’s the hibiscus, maybe it’s because my skin is well moisturised. Maybe it’s both!


I used the night cream to begin with. At first I was a little put off by the scent. It is very light but I just didn’t like it. Luckily I couldn’t smell it for long. The cream is thick enough to keep my skin moisturised but not so thick that my pores feel clogged. I quite enjoyed massaging it into my face every night.


The day cream smells a little different but again, the scent is very light. It has an SPF in it which normally makes the texture uncomfortable for me but this stays light and non-sticky. The day cream is a little lighter in texture than the night cream.


As far as I can tell, these creams deliver on their claims of being hydrating and brightening. They are good value for money and I would repurchase them.

Review: Boots Vitamin E Day and Night Creams

Boots Vitamin E Day Cream

Boots Vitamin E Day Cream

I bought the Boots Vitamin E Day and Night Creams on the recommendation of my friend who was also on a mission to find beauty products that work but don’t break the bank.

These were an alternative to the Body Shop vitamin e creams for me.

These creams are no frills moisturisers and they do an ok job. When I buy creams I don’t want or need them to work miracles, I just want to keep my dry skin supple and comfortable.

The day cream is very light, I would even say thin! It has a very light perfumed powder scent. It’s great for summer when I want to feel hydrated rather than weighed down with cream.

The night cream is a little thicker but no too thick, so if the day cream is not quite enough, this can be worn in the day. I actually really like the night cream and would buy it again. It’s refreshing not to have a night cream that is too heavy or too greasy.
I’m more likely to but the night cream again and probably wear it in the daytime!