London Fashion Weekend Maybelline Goodies

London Fashion Weekend Maybelline Goodies

London Fashion Weekend Maybelline Goodies

I was lucky enough to win Luxe tickets to London Fashion Weekend and an overnight stay at the May Fair Hotel with Stylist Magazine. In my Pringle tote bag was a cute little set of Maybelline Color Show nail polishes with matching Baby Lips lip balms.

You might remember when I reviewed Baby Lips in Mint Fresh which I liked but it wasn’t quite hydrating enough for me. I mentioned that the next one I wanted to try was the Intense Care version and guess what? There was one in my Summer Mix’N’Match set! I’m very pleased with this!

I also received two tinted lip balms – Cherry Me with a cherry coloured tint and Pink Punch with a pink tint. I’m looking forward to trying these out. I’m not sure whether tinted lip balm is make-up or skin care but I’ll probably put any reviews on this skincare blog as I’ve mentioned them here already.


Review: Ilia Balmy Nights

Ilia Balmy Nights

Ilia Balmy Nights

The Ilia Balmy Nights is a truly luxurious lip scrub.

I bought it (from Net-a-Porter) because I wanted a no-mess, no fuss scrub to smooth out my lips and prepare them for matte lipsticks.

It has sumptuous metallic packaging so it feels like a treat every time I use it. The scrub itself is fragrance free and seems to be set in a tough petroleum jelly-type substance which keeps it in shape. The scrub particles are just right in number and roughness.

I had to swipe this over my lips a few times to get to the scrub granules on first use but now there is no need for so much scrubbing.

I now just run the scrub twice over each lip then wipe off with a damp muslin cloth. It’s very easy to use that way and leave my lips smooth feeling and not too dry. If I try to rinse the scrub off without the cloth it is a bit of a challenge because the substance holding the scrub together is water resistant!

I always follow with lip balm or 8 Hour Cream.

Ilia Balmy Nights is quite pricey but entirely worth it!

Review: No7 Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen

No7 Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen

No7 Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen


Usually, after swimming in the sea with the hot sun bearing down, my eye area gets very irritated and sore. This time around, there was so such irritation and soreness.


I think eye protection is essential as the skin around the eyes is so delicate but I found it very difficult to find an eye protection product with a sufficiently high SPF. Most eye creams have an SPF15 (if it has a SPF at all) which is completely inadequate outside of the UK, or even on very sunny days here. This No7 Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen is the only reasonably priced protection with a SPF of 30 that I could find.


The Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen has a subtle golden shimmer which had a brightening effect on my eyes. I seldom wear make-up on holiday so this was a great bonus – it doesn’t feel like make-up but still looks pretty! I used it all over my eyelids and under my eyes.


Although this can be used for the lips, I had already purchased the Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick so I didn’t try it on my lips.


The No7 Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen will now take a place in my hand luggage as a holiday essential!

Review: Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick SPF30

Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick SPF30

Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick SPF30

The Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick is one of my holiday staples. It has 5 star UVA protection and has an SPF30 to protect against the UVB rays. It says it is moisture resistant but I didn’t really put this to the test.


It is shaped like a lip balm so I use it on my lips and if No7 didn’t release the shimmering lip and eye cream which I will also review, I probably would have used this on my eyes too. It’s unscented and comfortable to wear.


It’s great for protecting the very delicate skin on my lips and I make sure I carry it everywhere with me.


Review: Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia

I’m not really a lip balm person – I stick to my trusty multi-tasking Vaseline.  However, every now and then I need something more nourishing and this is why I bought the  Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia.

Vaseline wasn’t working, I didn’t want balm and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on soothing my lips.  After some considered thought, I picked this up.

It’s creamy and moisturising. It’s great for using beneath lip colour or on its own. It has a light scent which is great for those like me who don’t like strong scented lip products.  It’s exactly what I need for winter as it protects my lips well and keeps them lovely and soft.

It has a light sheen to it which improves  the look of my lips without being greasy or glossy. It makes my lips look healthy and nourished, to reflect how they actually feel!

With all of these amazing qualities, it is now my favourite lip product.  Sorry Vaseline!

Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia

Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia